REALQUALITY kit panel for thrombophilia and hemochromatosis is now available for use on the automatic GENEQUALITY® X120 platform

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With GENEQUALITY® X120 there is no limit to the flexibility you can have in your laboratory

The REALQUALITY kit panel dedicated to the search for mutations and polymorphisms linked to thrombophilia and hemochromatosis is now available for use on the automatic GENEQUALITY® X120 platform.

GENEQUALITY® X120 is a fully walk away automatic platform designed to be able to manage the routine of the Molecular Diagnostics laboratory in a versatile and efficient way.

The limitations that robotics often imposes, with GENEQUALITY® X120 are really reduced to a minimum. The flexibility with which GENEQUALITY® X120 was designed allows it to be truly in synergy with the operators. GENEQUALITY® X120 is able to manage the extraction of 64 samples starting from different biological matrices with a single extraction kit.

A unique feature of the platform, which allows to optimize time and management of clinical samples, is the possibility to choose for each sample the starting volume for extraction and the elution volume of DNA or RNA individually. The GENEQUALITY® X120 software, that provides two-way interfacing to the LIMS, is then able to suggest to the operator what is the best way to design the PCR plate, highlighting the presence of any urgent analyzes to be performed.

There are no limits to the combinations of qualitative and quantitative assays that can be managed in the PCR setup phase, starting from 6 elution plates.

Furthermore, the architecture of the GENEQUALITY® X120 platform, based on a high-performance server, allows the recording of each analytical run and the implementation of control charts that constitute an important indicator for monitoring the quality of the analyzes performed. A wide list of molecular analyses can be performed on the GENEQUALITY® X120 Platform including the possibility to manage in complete automation the quantification of viruses and pathogens for post-transplant monitoring, antibiotic resistance screening, screening of human Papillomavirus (HPV) and sexually transmitted diseases and now also the search for mutations related to thrombophilia and hemochromatosis.

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